Scripty Things

I’ve written my fair share of feature film scripts and television series pilots. Some have even been produced.

I’ve also story edited or story consulted on over 650 scripts, including feature films like Year of the Carnivore and more than 200 produced short films.

Here are a few notable projects.

Lucky Stars






Lucky Stars is a romantic comedy set in the dog-eat-dog world of canine thespians. After being dumped by her fiancée Peter, music publicist Moira pushes her dog Lucky into an acting career to compete with the successful career of Peter’s dog Ronaldo. Along the way, Moira meets an eccentric rock star, an overly enthusiastic dog psychiatrist, and a flamboyant photographer. She also begins a tentative relationship with her dog’s agent, Scott.

Lucky Stars premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival. The US premiere was at the Barebones International Film Festival in Oklahoma. It also screened at a fundraiser for the BC SPCA’s Biscuit Fund.

Lucky Stars was written by Jason Margolis and Maureen Prentice, directed by Jason Margolis, produced by Maureen Prentice and Robin Chan of Like Minded Media, and executive produced by Carl Bessai (Emile, Repeaters). The cast included Maureen Prentice, Stanley Katz, Josephine Jacob, Damon Johnson (Eight Below), Peter Shinkoda (“Daredevil”), Mackenzie Gray (Man Of Steel), Ray Galletti (My Ex-Ex), Sara Walker (Housekeeping), Brendan Fletcher (Tideland), Elisabeth Rosen (Warcraft), Tammy Gillis (“Less Than Kind”), Frida Betrani (Sisters & Brothers), Peter New (“My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”) and Michael Scholar Jr. (“Street Cents”).



“Uncorked” is a half-hour comedy series a fermentally challenged family created by Jason Margolis and Robert Wenzek. It was developed through the National Screen Institute’s Totally Television program.

“Uncorked” barrels the audience into the life of Cassie McTavish, a washed-up former pop singer, who strives to establish herself as a master winemaker. Too bad her fate is tied to her manipulative mother Victoria, boorish stepbrother Owen, and a public past that she can’t erase. Each week, Cassie must juggle her mother’s ridiculous attempts at social recognition and Owen’s immature disruptions, all the while nurturing the temperamental grapes into great wine. There’s a bottle battle brewing between beer slobs and wine snobs, and for Cassie, the biggest battleground of all is within her own dysfunctional family.


The Great One

The Great One is a feature film script written by Jason Margolis and novelist Todd Babiak (2006 Giller Prize nominee for The Garneau Block and 2011 Leacock Medal for Toby: A Man).

On August 9, 1988, Wayne Gretzky announced he was leaving Edmonton to play for the Los Angeles Kings. The press conference is known, only half-jokingly, as “Canada’s JFK moment” – all Canadians remember where they were when they heard the news.

Guy is a hapless, hockey-hating journalist on the verge of breaking the story of the decade, if only he could figure out what exactly that story is. Every city loses its Gretzky and every boy becomes a man. In The Great One , it happens on one unforgettable day. The Great One won a fellowship from the Praxis Centre for Screenwriters. It participated in the fall workshops and the summer workshops and readings. The story editors were novelist Peter Behrens (2006 Governor General’s Award for fiction) and Guy Bennett.